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UPDATE Invitation to Apply for a Residency in 2013 UPDATE[edit]

During 1 month in April, May or June 2013 the Constant Variable residency studio will be open for artists who want to work on a F/LOSS-project. Constant Variable offers a free living & working space in exchange for a presentation of your work(-in-progress), bits and bites, artworks under free licenses, experiences in and thoughts about Free Culture, cooking a.o.

Constant can refund transport and living costs up to 1500€.

Please send your proposal to before 15th December 2012. The proposals will be looked at closely. If they find a host among the people in the Variable-network, you will be selected. If there is no specific affinity with the topic amongst any users of the house, you might not be selected, even if your proposal is beautiful.

For your information: Until 2014 Constant Variable is a F/LOSS Arts Lab in Brussels/Belgium. The house is run collectively. The aim of the Variable-project is to experiment with the notion of an autonomous F/LOSS Arts Lab (Free and Libre Open Source Software Lab for Art), what it can mean, need and generate... Constant Variable is the name for a house in the center of the European capital with four floors, installed as labs for artists who choose to work with free and open tools. At the moment there are around ten people actively involved in the daily use of the house, responsable for labs dedicated to video, hardware, electronics, sound, design. On the top floor there is a studio with a double bed, a shower and a small open kitchen. There is a common kitchen and a space for public activities. Meals, mails and management are shared as much as possible.

Once you're there[edit]


In general, the idea is to leave without a physical trace. You can leave lots of digital traces though!

If you have a public event, you have to note it on the calendar. Please do this as fast as possible, at least two weeks in advance. If you have a public event, before you open, check if all the other spaces are closed (just in case).

already quite ok

Daily bits and bobs[edit]

Check the house (all doors) when you leave late at night. Close the windows when you leave.

Ground floor: common space[edit]

If you want to have special use of the common space, you have to note it on the calendar. Please do this as fast as possible, at least two weeks in advance.

Kitchen: common food and drinks[edit]

Residency policy[edit]

See Residency for a schedule.

The person/organisation who invited the resident will take care of hosting this person. This goes from opening the door to the studio, including cleaning and sheets. It's up to the person who invites the guest whether they leave this up to the resident or not. If residents have access to other spaces than the studio, you have to add this in the description on the calendar.


See Budget

Keep the Constant budget for general costs such as insurance, renting a van, paint for the front room The keys from the resident are for Constant Every person pays for its own key -> each atelier pays their own keys Make two different common pots One for cleaning products & toilet paper One for food & drinks Label stuff you want to keep personal

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