VARIABLE LOOP is a monthly meeting of F/LOSS arts practicioners

VARIABLE LOOPS take place the second thursday of the month

The organisation of a LOOP is alternating: OSP, Constant, F/LAT, (.... put names here!)

11 September 2014[edit]

Organisation: Constant

Place: to be confirmed (Constant office ?)

Special Occassion: Booksprint V/J14 publication in Pianofabriek

9 Octobre 2014[edit]

Organisation: F/LAT

Location: 45, rue du Canal

Special occasion: Housewarming party (Pendaison de crémaillère) of F/LAT

17h to 19h, short (15min) presentations

7 slots for presentation ar available:

After that, we shall share a drink or two to baptise this new space.

13 Novembre 2014[edit]

Loop will take place at OSP taverne, avenue Princesse Elisabeth 46, 1030 Schaerbeek.

18 Decembre 2014[edit]

This december LOOP and last one of 2014 will be held at F/LAT45, rue du Canal

Please fill in one of these if you'd like to present anything or bring any subject to the table:

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