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constant variable: a free libre open source arts lab based in brussels

Rue Gallait 80
Schaerbeek, Brussels

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Who are we? (incomplete list)

Past Events[edit]

  • BBQ! 09/09/2012 One year of Variable
  • Here's a list of events between 2011 and 2014: [1]

Internal (For users of the house)[edit]

Click on the word Internal above. (doh!)

Past residents[edit]

Guests who stayed in Variable, as invited resident, as long term collaborator or short term professional studio quatter.


<video src="">video tag is the future</video>

We have a channel on Experimental tv that Dani Miracle kindly prepared for us. [2]



Searching for "Variable" in the Gallery of Constant produces pictures of the events that have taken place. [3]

Etat des Lieux[edit]

Collection of traces from the collective work that takes place in the house.

post Variable VARIABLE-LOOP[edit]

Planning of Future LOOP events starting in september 2014
Last modification 24 June 2014.